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Las Vegas Weight Loss

Medically Supervised by Premier Physicians

Healthy Weight Loss Programs

At Premier Physicians, our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program utilizes our providers’ vast knowledge and experience in bariatric medicine to assist our patients in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle unique to each individual. Each of our board certified obesity care specialists possesses a wealth of knowledge in the latest weight management techniques including fitness, dietary nutrition, and pharmacotherapy that can be completely tailored to fit each patient’s individual needs.

Premier Physicians also utilizes the specialized skills of a Registered Dietician who is able to instruct and counsel our patients on the key skills necessary for healthy weight management, and creating and supporting lasting change. Skills like portion control, proper nutrition, balanced dieting, and making healthier choices.

If you are looking for a comprehensive program to help you achieve your weight loss goals, we encourage you to contact Premier Physicians Weight Loss & Wellness. Our friendly staff is committed to providing our patients the best experience possible, and creating lasting success.

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