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Losing Weight in Las Vegas Nevada

A health loss craze is sweeping the nation, and not a moment too soon. From Los Angeles to Boston, obesity statistics are on the rise. The CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System measures obesity and other fitness health factors.  The centers 2010 showed the following statistics for the Las Vegas/ Providence, NV, metro area:

  • Healthy Weight: 39.6%
  • Overweight: 37.3%
  • Obese: 23.1%

Options for Losing Weight

As obesity is more carefully examined, the list of health risks related to it continues to grow. In an effort to produce a healthier nation, efforts have been made by the First Lady and many public health officials to get the word out about obesity. As people are educated about the dangers of obesity they tend to put forth a greater effort to keep their own health in check. For individuals looking to lose weight there are several weight loss options that are low cost diet and exercise plans.

Weight Loss Programs in Las Vegas

Dr Evensen, Dr Trippi and the staff at Premier Physicians Weight Loss and Wellness provide weight loss counseling, tools and expertise that get you results. Please call to receive a complimentary weight loss consultation: (702) 822-7400.

Premier Physicians Weight Loss of Las Vegas invites you to visit the Before and Afters page and see some of our weight loss success stories with our weight loss programs. These stories are proof that other people in your condition (or similar conditions) have been able to lose weight with Premier Physicians’ help. They took that step into losing the weight. You can start now!

Weight Loss Centers in Las Vegas, NV

If you live in the Las Vegas/ Providence, NV metro area and you are looking for help in losing, the doctors of Premier Physicians Weight Loss Centers in Las Vegas, NV can help. Our doctors are committed to help you lose weight. If you are looking into a safe and effective fitness and diet plan tailored to your personal needs, the doctors of Premier Physicians Weight Loss Centers can help you get on the path to losing weight, and to the Nevada life of fitness and health you have been dreaming of. It’s time to enjoy your life in Nevada like you never have before.

Our Mission

Premier Physicians Weight Loss and Wellness is designed to achieve measurable, sustainable weight loss and improve the health and lifestyle of our patients. The experience is personalized, supportive and proven effective. Participants set realistic weight-loss goals and then learn, through small tailored changes in diet, exercise and behavior, to achieve and maintain a healthier lifetime weight. In addition to increased knowledge and confidence, participants can expect at least a five percent reduction in weight and significant improvements in nutrition, activity levels and overall health.

Premier is unique in offering a comprehensive and personalized set of treatment options most likely to yield individual success. These include diet intervention, tailored exercise programs, behavior modification tools and strategies and pharmacotherapy. Premier believes that treatment of overweight and obese is like any chronic condition or disease. It must be consistently managed.